I received this adorable desk as payment for a painting project.  My client’s young daughter, who had this desk in her room growing up,  is now in college and no longer needs it.  Just a few weeks later a family came looking for something to serve as a desk for their daughter and snatched this beauty immediately.

before after

From the “before” photo below, you can see that one of the gate leg desk extenders had broken in two caused by heavy books being placed on it.  Thanks to my father-in-law, who passed away a few years ago, he fashioned long clamps out of pipe metal.  They worked like a charm when I wood glued the two sides together.

Howells desk before

This is the fifth desk I have painted for a young lady’s bedroom and I’m still having as much fun as I did with my first desk.  The new proud owner of this desk loves pink, and wanted pink knobs, which I happened to have 2 for the drawer in my hardware stash, but I was unable to find a smaller knob in the same pink hue for the small desk top drawer, but the glass knob works just as well on the desk top drawer.

angle with chair

I love how this desk works like a gate legged table and even looks like one with its legs.  I have never seen a desk that has wings on either side to expand the working space.

front desk with sides up

This piece could reside in an entryway or even as a table sitting underneath a newer thin television set.

sides down

When the sides are down, this desk takes up a minimal amount of space and it looks fabulous in the young lady’s room.  It is such a treat to paint furniture for young kiddos.

britta with desk