Nearly every Friday when there is an estate sale, I go out to breakfast with my gal pals and then we go to the sale.  Normally I purchase very exciting items like a broom, aluminum foil, envelopes, knives etc and every once in awhile furniture.  A week ago I purchased this tall bookcase, sitting on a table, along with a vanity with a pop-up mirror and 4 Pottery Barn Napolean rush seat chairs.

Bookcase with Sofa Table

Initially I thought that I would only need to clean this piece and replace the hardware before selling it at the Plaid Rabbit.  Once I got the piece home, I realized that it needed to be cleaned and repainted before I could consider selling it.

side view

After paining this piece in a glossy black oil paint, I held onto it for a few days, while I tried to figure out where I could put this piece in my own home, but to no avail.  I would love to have it but there isn’t a good spot for it unforunately.

below shot

I love the knobs I found for this piece, lending a funky but regal appearance.


This piece is for sale at The Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.