Super fun project!  I fell in love with this tall and sturdy French Provincial dresser and thought it just might work for my client, who is re-decorating her daughter’s room and needed a spacious dresser. Love it!

I fashioned a spray tent of sorts in my garage so I could prime this beauty. She wanted it painted in the ombre style with the color getting lighter with each ascending drawer.  The colors she got were too close in color as they got lighter, so I got to work mixing up different colors to get a more nuanced look.

I applied the polyurethane at my clients home and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this fabulous light.

You can see the color of the drawers better in this photo.

The room isn’t finished just yet, but it’s awfully close.  I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

Love the dresser, the color scheme and style.  What fun!