In my excitement to tackle a new project, I never remember to take a “before” photo to show the dramatic change in a piece of furniture.  I spied this office chair at Goodwill for $4.88.  It was dated with nubby and dirty yellow fabric on the seat and back rest.  The metal connecting the seat and backrest were covered in stickers, both front and back.  And finally, the metal had splotchy stains on every surface.

After using a straight razor to get the stickers off, I turned to Goof Off, which is a great product for getting rid of glue and its residue.  Using another of my favorite products, “Krud Kutter,” I scrubbed the metal surfaces with steel wool to get a nice shiny finish.  I moved my office to a corner of our “reading room.”  With my photographs framing a mirror I hand painted and my new desk chair, my office area is a great spot to work.

As a completely self-taught sewer, my first sewing machine was as inexpensive as they come and could basically sew one layer of fabric with hardly any special stitches.  After many frustrating attempts to sew pillows and cushions on this machine, I finally broke down and purchased a sewing machine that could handle upholstery sewing.

While I can easily sew almost any pillow, slipcovers have been my undoing until last night. Although I had sewn two previous slipcovers for this ottoman, none of them fit just right.   I decided to try once again with different fabric.  I am truly pleased with how this version  turned out!

Now I need to try my hand at slipcovering a chair, which I hope I get in one take!