For the past month I’ve been busy painting two wonderful china cabinets for The Plaid Rabbit’s new location at 1018 Mound Street in the Village of East Davenport.  It’s an absolutely fabulous store ~ go visit them!

I found these cabinets via Craigslist and purchased them from a lovely older gentleman who had a garage full of furniture he was selling for family members.  I loved them both immediately but the cabinet below was the first one to catch my eye.

The color request was coral, a color I wouldn’t have thought of, but oh how lovely it looks!

This piece now sits at the front of the store, adding a pop of color to an already beautiful space.  It’s gratifying to see it in use.

Unfortunately someone took my phone and our computer, both of which had before photos of this next piece, so these “in action” photos will have to do.

This french provincial china cabinet thankfully came apart, which made it so much easier to paint.  The outer color is natural gray with the interior coral.

With many french provincial pieces, decorative iron mesh is an element of design.  I like mixing up mediums and perhaps that’s why I like french provincial pieces.

The Plaid Rabbit carries this great product called Scout bags and the cabinet is a perfect place to display them.  My family has four of these versatile bags, including two lunch bags, a tennis bag and an overnight bag.  We love them.