I found this beauty on Craigslist.  It was difficult deciding how to paint this piece as there were so many wonderful choices.

The piece was in good condition, so I didn’t need to do more than thoroughly clean it and rough up the wood so paint would adhere.

Prior to the advent of computers, secretaries served as a family’s desk to write letters, pay bills and as a catch-all for papers.


I used the gray to accent the details.

I painted different color combinations on cardboard before I decided how to proceed with this piece.

The top comes off, thank goodness, or it would’ve been challenging to paint this gem.

I love the window’s details.

I love the idea of writing letters at this desk with an old fashioned pen and ink well.

This piece could be used in so many rooms ~ as a hub in the kitchen, in a living room or library or even in the entryway.

If I had a spot in my house, I don’t think I would’ve parted with this special secretary.