A lovely women at ReStore pointed out this desk and it’s unique and “secret” feature ~ a pull out board which provides an additional work surface.

It just so happened that I was on the hunt for a desk ~ a good friend’s daughter needed one.  I was attracted by its art deco-ish shape and style and the pull out board just sweetened the deal.

Whether it is used for writing, drawing or a laptop, the “secret” pullout board is a fun yet functional feature.  And when you’re done, you just slide it back in and pull the top down.  Presto chango.

My friend’s daughter wanted bright orange as the desk’s first layer and aqua as the top layer.

I distressed the desk to bring out the “Startling Orange” color.  I wouldn’t have thought of combining orange and aqua, but they play off each other well.  I love learning from my clients!

I can’t wait to see the desk in its new home.