It’s been my unspoken rule (with myself) that Cynfully Fun Furniture isn’t for our home, but I recently broke that principle when I decided to use these Cynfully Fun French Provincial tables (which had been for sale at The Plaid Rabbit) in our master bedroom.

After painting them with a light cream diy chalk paint, I slightly distressed the bedside tables to bring out their details.  It makes them a perfect compliment to our new bed frame.

Our cat Midnight doesn’t seem to ever move from our bed.

My husband and I often catch up with each other in our bedroom but we needed another place to sit.  This chair had been stored in our attic as the springs had gone wonky a few years earlier.

What a mess when I disassembled the chair!  The seat cushion largely consisted of hay, which stuck to everything, including nearly single item in our basement.   After my husband reattached a loose spring, I retied them to the chair frame, attached burlap on top, and sewed the springs to the burlap.
I was so excited when I found this upholstery fabric remnant.  It’s vibrant colors pull together the navy on the bed, the red in the carpet and the other blues in the room.
Yellow and blues are great together so I made some homemade yellow chalk paint and got to work. (I prefer the non-sanded grout diy chalk paint recipe).

My necklaces have been bunched together in our dark, small closet, so I added chicken wire to a picture frame so I could hang my necklaces on it.  I also added small hooks on the bottom for additional storage.

I’ve finally been wearing my necklaces, thanks to being able to see them.  Now I’m pondering how to do the same for my other pieces of costume jewelry.

 Our bedroom continues to be a work in progress.  Here’s our other chair, which we’ve had in the room for a number of years.  I’d like to paint our dresser (which isn’t in any of these photographs).  I haven’t decided how to tackle it yet, but I’ll get around to it sometime this year I hope.