The previous owners of our house expanded the kitchen and guest bathroom. They also added an odd room that connects the bathroom to the kitchen. They installed an exterior door and a small set of concrete steps to access the backyard. The door has never been used for that purpose since there is a large set of patio doors on the opposite wall that lead directly to the patio.

When we first moved in, we had a chair and table in the room, not that anyone would ever seat there, but we weren’t sure what else to do with the room. When our kids got older and started to be on the computer, I decided to put a desk in this room so we could see what the kids were doing on the computer.

kitchen 2_edited-2

We also struggled to find a desk to fit in the space.  I found this great victorian table and repainted it as it was the perfect size for a laptop.  But not a great table for any paperwork you may need while you work on your laptop.

red victorian table

I was heading home from the grocery store when I came upon a yard sale and spied the desk below.

before photo

Initially I was  only buying the piece for the legs as I had a white counter top I thought I’d use for a desk.  But upon closer inspection, I decided that this piece would be perfect as it had storage and plenty of countertop for paperwork.

close up

I struggled with how to paint this piece.  Initially I painted it off white and stenciled a fun Moroccan pattern in red on top.  But the red paint bled in so many spots that it was necessary to try something else.  This time I painted the desk in red and applied a round stencil in the middle with white paint.  Again the paint bled, causing me much frustration, so plan was to paint the entire desk in red.


I love the pop of red color in the room plus I love the additional storage the desk provides.  Ideally I love to remove the door and add a built in desk and shelves but that’ll have to wait for another day.