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A Kitchen Reborn Continued

With the addition of their new bar, my client’s kitchen table and chairs were too large for their new space.  As I regularly attend estate sales, visit thrift stores and yard sales, I’m always on the look out for some wonderful piece of furniture.  It was at an estate sale that I found the perfect table and chair set for their kitchen.  The photo below was taken at the estate sale.

Many of you know that I love the french provincial style, since it can have so many different looks.  My clients trust my judgement (definitely an honor) so I purchased the set.  The table needed to be round rather than oval to fit in the kitchen, but this round top wasn’t large enough to accommodate 5 people.

We purchased a larger wood table top, which my client affixed it to the original table base.  The base was painted black and distressed to match the bar.  Three coats of a dark walnut stain with polyurethane were applied;  I love the look of the table.

The chairs were finished before I tackled the table.  All were cleaned, sanded and primed and you can see at the difference between the chair’s original color compared to the primed chairs.

Here’s a look at the kitchen chair before and after.

The chairs were painted the same color as the cabinets.  I didn’t distress them like the cabinets nor use the same brown glaze. The metallic coffee glaze was a better match for the seat cushion fabric.

The table is the perfect size for this space.

Their large kitchen window had a honeycomb blind, which was a stark look for the room.  I added a pair of curtains, customized by sewing a band of the kitchen chair fabric and some decorative trim to them.

Here’s is a better view of the curtains.

My clients trusted me to purchase artwork for their home, which includes three pieces in the kitchen.  I fell in love with this still-life of a purple chair, loving how the black frame looks with the bar.

In addition to the still-life, decanter bottles were added displayed on a decorative round plate.  A  salad size plate with a french advertisement for champagne also adds some whimsy.

Two smaller prints were hung on the opposite side of the curtains, which also have black frames.

During one of my estate sales, I found a cubby with an upholstered cushion that would fit perfectly in the space right by their garage door.  They keep their soda cans, shoes and coats in this area and I thought the cubby would add to some order as well as a place to put on their shoes.

Here is the cubby in actual use.

During a vintage shopping hunt, I found two rugs for the family.  One is by the kitchen sink, which pulls in the sage walls as well as the blue of the living room while continuing the back up color of black.

My clients are amazing cooks (I’ve sampled a few of their delicious pasta dishes and baked confections) and this is the perfect space for them to enjoy cooking and dining.  I’m thrilled and honored to have been able to play a  role in the design of this space.


Baby’s Bedside Table

Argh!  I drive myself crazy when I forget to take a “before” photo.  You’ll have to use your imagination … conjure a white bedside table with a thick manufactured coating of white paint and varnish on top.

My client just had her first baby (an adorable girl) and this is the 6th piece of furniture and 3rd bedside table I’ve done for her.  She has a huge heart, helping rescue dogs and cats and place them in new homes.

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Two Tempting Tables and Hanging Shelves

I’ve had this wonderful side table for years but it has been languishing in my garage for the past six months, so I decided to paint and sell it. It sold in one day at The Plaid Rabbit.

I used silver metallic for the table and stenciled the top in off white paint.  I love how it turned out.

A good friend kindly gave me this adorable round table.  I love the color that I painted the table ~ Smoke Infusion by Valspar.

I thought the table needed something more, so I glazed a portion in black and didn’t like it.  I tried a brown glaze and didn’t like that either nor did I like the opal glaze.  It occurred to me that it was fine just as it is.

I love the charming details on the legs, the bottom shelf and the table top.

I picked up this 3 tier hanging shelf at an estate sale, and like my table, it has been collecting dust in my garage for any number of months.

I used the uber expensive Annie Sloan paint for this project, and while it is a lovely creamy paint, I’m not over the moon about it, especially since a quart of it will set you back at least $35.  I finished it with a dark coffee metallic glaze.

From Stool to Table

My mother had many wonderful friends, who adored her, even though she could be blunt and pointed. When she was declining due to both her cancer and the cancer medication, and didn’t want to see or talk to anyone, one friend was undeterred and continued to bring soup and gifts to the house.  It brings tears to my eyes just writing about her generous spirit.

She asked me to paint a stool that was my mother’s so she could use it as a table on her new screened in porch.  I don’t have a before photo, but the stool was painted black.

She gave me free reign with the stool, which can be nerve wrecking because you hope that you have the same esthetic as your client.  I knew I wanted the top to have some flair and decided upon a classic stencil design.

I spray painted the body in a khaki color but hand painted the top in off-white.  I tossed a little of this color and a pinch of that color so I could stencil over the off-white with a close cousin of the spray paint.

My mother passed away in 2005 and I hope that she’s approving of my endeavors.  It certainly is gratifying to paint one of her pieces and to know that it is being put to good use .

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