I’ve been asking my husband for additional lighting in my “studio” (aka our garage) for the past few months but our schedules have been hectic and there’s always something else that needs his attention.

Returning with my daughter from a weekend soccer tournament, I came home to a fabulous surprise – a light fixture! Some women want shiny diamonds (I wouldn’t them turn down) but I really wanted additional lighting. Now its tools and lights that make me giddy.

let there be light

The pegboard on the wall was kindly installed by my brother-in-law when my husband was out of town because he just couldn’t find the time to  hang it.  Wasn’t that nice of my sister’s husband!

painted mover

I started to make my own furniture mover with a board (which isn’t quite long enough)  purchased at the Habit for Humanity Restore and wheels from a hardware store.  I only got 2 wheels on before my daughter and I left for the soccer tournament.  Another surprise was awaiting me upon our return.  My son had finished putting the wheels on and then painted my first “logo” on the board.  What a total sweetheart!


I went to one of the mother’s of all flea markets this past summer – The Kane County Flea Market near St. Charles, Illinois.  I picked up the large red Stop sign that hangs on the back wall for a client along with wooden game board to hang outside by their deck.  They loved the game board but as you can see, the Stop sign is now residing in my studio.


My mother’s pie chest is right next to the pegboard and I keep extra drop clothes and sheets in it.  I’m glad to be using it, even though it’s in my “studio,” since I don’t have a place for it in my house.  Believe or not, the garage looks almost empty because about two months ago, it was overflowing with furniture.  I’m trying to keep my inventory  at a manageable level so I can actually work underneath my new light.