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Tremendous Teal Dresser

I was asked to revamp an entire bedroom set for a young lady who attends my son’s high school and what a fun project it has been.  The first piece I tackled was the substantial dresser, which is hefty in weight as well.  I immediately suggested that they consider glazing this piece due to its many details.

dresser before

I especially loved the drawer pulls with the funky scrolls.  This dresser and the rest of the bedroom set had been stored in my client’s basement for many years.  I’m so glad that they opted to give these pieces new life and purpose.

dresser top

My teenage client and her parents selected a piece of fabric to recover a vanity stool, which is also part of this bedroom set.  They decided to use the bold teal color, making the dresser the signature piece in her room.

drawer closeup

I’ve begun using Benjamin Moore’s Advance Paint regularly since it’s the closest you can get to oil while still being a latex paint.  It glides on easily and is so much easier to glaze than chalk paint.  I love how the glazing sets off the details on this drawer.

dresser angle

In the coming days, you’ll see the vanity and stool, headboard and side table that make up this bedroom set.  I can’t wait to see how it all looks in my client’s bedroom.

Roadside Find ~ Dresser to Bookcase

A good friend and I walk when our schedules mesh.  About two weeks ago it was an overcast day when came upon a piece of furniture that looked like it was made from hardwood and in relatively good shape.  A few  hours after our walk, when I was all dressed up and headed to a Tea Party to celebrate a wonderful young lady’s birthday, I drove by to see if it was still by the road.  Eureka, it was still there.  Now, how to load it into my SUV without trashing out my outfit?  That was tricky.


The Tea Party was an evening spent with charming young people and  delectable delights.

tea party dessert

tea party

Back to the roadside find ….. There weren’t any drawers with the piece when I picked it up but it definitely once was a dresser.  Cardboard lined each shelf, which wouldn’t have been able to hold any weight, plus they were too short.   I went to our fabulous Tru Value store (K & K Hardware) and had wood cut for both shelves and for backing.

after first 2 coats

The back and top are both off to make it easier to add the shelving.  Originally I was going to paint the back(s) and shelves in mint but then I decided it would be fun to cover them with fabric.

empty close up

The gray really pops with the red plus I love the polka dots with the stripes.   Playful and fun.

shelf close up

This piece could be used in so many places in the home, adding great storage to any space.

style angle

It’s for sale at The Plaid Rabbit.

One-of-a-Kind Buffet and Dresser

French Provincial furniture can easily take on different personalities,  which is one of the reasons that I love painting this style.  My client picked up this dresser in Chicago and wanted a one-of-a-kind buffet/dresser.  She had a vision in her head and after some trial and error, it has been transformed into a truly unique piece.

angle front shot

Here is the dresser before its transformation with the fabric swatch on top.


I asked my client to decide which color she preferred as it would be paired with an off-white.  She chose the bolder color (which delighted me).  After painting the majority of the piece in the blue/teal and off white, I sent my client a preview photo ~ good thing I did!

color selection

She asked me if all the drawers were going to be blue.  I thought she was concerned about the teal color but then she surprised me by saying  she wanted more than one color for the drawers.  I wasn’t expecting that, but not to worry, it’s just paint and can be changed!


After chatting with my client about her vision,  I chose green, yellow and brown paint colors, using the swatch as inspiration, and repainted the majority of the dresser.  After sending another preview photo, my client decided she’d prefer the middle section to be brown instead of yellow.

angle shot

Aren’t these knobs just fabulous!  I have no idea where she ordered them but they are a work of art with the three dimensional petals.  Love them!

leg and knob detail

The entire piece was glazed and three coats of polyurethane applied.  It will make a statement in her dining room!

front shot outside

I love learning from my clients ~ thanks everyone!

Baby-to-Be’s Dresser & Table

This dresser is for a soon-to-be-born baby and will be used as a dressing table.  The mom and dad are a lovely couple who have decorated the nursery and are waiting for this piece to make it complete.

side view (1)

This dresser originally belonged to a good friend’s mother who passed away last year.  Her mother had two homes, which meant that there was too much furniture for both my friend and her sister.  I was delighted to acquire this dresser.

herman dresser

Knowing that my clients wanted a new design on the drawers, I completely covered the lines with primer.

Their scroll design required a larger drawer size so they opted for the original design.  Problem was that I could no longer see the lines.

3 drawers

The challenge became how to recreate the same design without the original roadmap.  To add a further dimension of difficulty, my foolproof painter’s tape failed me not once but twice.

I think my friend’s mother would be tickled to know that her dresser will reside in a new baby’s room, serving a young family for years to come!

From Blue to Creamy White

I really loved this dresser in blue and bluish gray, and was delighted to hear customers say how cute it was … how adorable … but was dismayed when the overwhelming response was that it was perfect for a boy’s room. No other room was mentioned so after nearly a year of not selling, I opted to paint the blue color in cream.

Original blue and blue/gray combo

Original blue and blue/gray combo

Newly painted cream and blue/gray

Newly painted cream and blue/gray

Before photo

Before photo

The new scheme is a cream color along with the blue/gray.

New cream and blue/gray

New cream and blue/gray

Previous version

Previous version

What’s your favorite … the old blue and blue/gray or the new cream and blue/gray?


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