My client wanted her entry way table to get an updated look.  Specifically, she wanted it painted gray with a crocodile pattern on top.  It certainly would be a dramatically different look for this piece.

Before Photo

This table had quite a bit going on with the mural painting on the front, a border on the top plus different color legs.  Painting it one color would change the entire feel of the table.

full shot

The feature of this table’s makeover is the crocodile pattern on top.  To achieve this look, I applied a plaster paint through the crocodile stencil, painted it the same gray color as the rest of the table and finally glazed the top to more fully illuminate the pattern.

crocodile top

I’ve think it might be interesting to apply the crocodile pattern on the drawers and cabinet doors too.

looking down at knobs

I pleased with the great texture of the table top.

crocodile top

My client entertained the idea of having silver nail head trim on the edge of the table top but decided against it.

front full shot

My client has been out of town and hasn’t seen the table in person and I’m eager to hear her thoughts on the table’s dramatic change.