I went dumpster diving recently when the house across the street was emptied after the death of the lovely owner.  She kept amazing amounts of dried flowers, linens, wrapping paper, and wreaths to such an extent that her kids were overwhelmed and were throwing much of it away.

After dumpster diving, I took a few carloads to Goodwill but I kept this fun mail sorter/desk organizer.  The piece was in rough shape so the only option was to paint it.

As usual, it didn’t occur to me to take a “before” photo until it was too late in the process.  I first thought I was just paint it off-white and leave it at that.

But it was far too bland so I opted to add a design to the top and carry over the blue/gray color to the base of the piece.

It will make a great organizer for paperwork.  Our island kitchen is the receptacle for any paper related items but this piece would tame that mess.

It is at The Plaid Rabbit if you have any interest in seeing it firsthand.