This salmon colored dresser and mirror will join a pair of mint colored french provincial bedside tables in the nursery of a charming couple, who are expecting their first child.

The baby is going to have a fabulous nursery, which will transition nicely when the child grows older.
The before photos are of poor quality because a strange thing happened.  At least 50 of my photos disappeared from my hard drive and I have no idea how it happened. I worked around this problem by taking screenshots of the “before” photos and then cropping them.
While the photos aren’t crisp and sharp, you can see what the dresser and mirror looked like before they were painted.

My clients found this piece at a local antique shop and it was in great shape.

To emphasize the mirror and dresser’s lines, I applied a black glaze.
The center dresser drawer’s original hardware is now on the nursery’s mint bedside tables.  My clients found these glass knobs as a replacement.


The heavy mirror has great lines and is nearly as long as the dresser.


My clients are generally kind enough to take a photograph or two of their pieces and send them to me ~ it’s so gratifying to see the furniture at home and I’m really looking forward to seeing these pieces in their nursery.