This dresser is for a soon-to-be-born baby and will be used as a dressing table.  The mom and dad are a lovely couple who have decorated the nursery and are waiting for this piece to make it complete.

side view (1)

This dresser originally belonged to a good friend’s mother who passed away last year.  Her mother had two homes, which meant that there was too much furniture for both my friend and her sister.  I was delighted to acquire this dresser.

herman dresser

Knowing that my clients wanted a new design on the drawers, I completely covered the lines with primer.

Their scroll design required a larger drawer size so they opted for the original design.  Problem was that I could no longer see the lines.

3 drawers

The challenge became how to recreate the same design without the original roadmap.  To add a further dimension of difficulty, my foolproof painter’s tape failed me not once but twice.

I think my friend’s mother would be tickled to know that her dresser will reside in a new baby’s room, serving a young family for years to come!