My client, who isn’t afraid of bold choices, which I love, was inspired to paint her daughter’s plain white dresser from a shower curtain she special ordered from Etsy.

It would’ve been too much if the green stripes or the chevron pattern had been painted on the dresser.  The purple and green make a gutsy statement on their own.

The colors of the dresser don’t look like they do in person, but you can see the wonderful detail on the drawers.

My client is choosing her own hardware ~ jewelry for furniture ~ and I hope she sends me a photo when they are installed.

Originally there were 5.5″ spread or space between the two holes in the bottom three drawers.  I couldn’t find any drawer pulls that size so I filled the holes with wood filler.  Instead of only one pull, two 3″ spread holes were drilled to accommodate two drawer pulls for each of the three drawers.

I was thrilled when my client told me how much her daughter would love the dresser.