French Provincial furniture can easily take on different personalities,  which is one of the reasons that I love painting this style.  My client picked up this dresser in Chicago and wanted a one-of-a-kind buffet/dresser.  She had a vision in her head and after some trial and error, it has been transformed into a truly unique piece.

angle front shot

Here is the dresser before its transformation with the fabric swatch on top.


I asked my client to decide which color she preferred as it would be paired with an off-white.  She chose the bolder color (which delighted me).  After painting the majority of the piece in the blue/teal and off white, I sent my client a preview photo ~ good thing I did!

color selection

She asked me if all the drawers were going to be blue.  I thought she was concerned about the teal color but then she surprised me by saying  she wanted more than one color for the drawers.  I wasn’t expecting that, but not to worry, it’s just paint and can be changed!


After chatting with my client about her vision,  I chose green, yellow and brown paint colors, using the swatch as inspiration, and repainted the majority of the dresser.  After sending another preview photo, my client decided she’d prefer the middle section to be brown instead of yellow.

angle shot

Aren’t these knobs just fabulous!  I have no idea where she ordered them but they are a work of art with the three dimensional petals.  Love them!

leg and knob detail

The entire piece was glazed and three coats of polyurethane applied.  It will make a statement in her dining room!

front shot outside

I love learning from my clients ~ thanks everyone!