I just cleaned out the garage, organized all of my tools and told myself that I needed to paint the furniture I own before buying any new pieces.

But I just can’t seem to help myself ~ I can’t walk away from furniture that has good lines so I’ve picked up a sweet Duncan Phyfe table and acquired two new dressers and am going to paint a chest of drawers that had been in my master bedroom.

This Duncan Phyfe table has two leaves that are easy to install and make it possible to get as many as 10 people around the table.

angle full length

close up legs      at ease

It’s versatile since both sides of the table can be folded down. The legs have such charm. You can see the hinges that allow the sides to fold down or lock into place when in use.

The legs first grabbed my attention and then I saw the great lines that frame the front of the dresser. I am always delighted by dressers that have a little height to them, thanks to some detailed legs.


This dresser has been in our master bedroom for at least 10 years and for 10 years I’ve thought it was all wrong for the room. I finally found a dresser that I loved and that compliments our bedroom.  (I’ll post it when I figure out how I want to paint it).

brown dresser

This dresser would be perfect as a changing table or dining room buffet.  My neighbors are moving out of town and wanted to get rid of furniture they didn’t want to take with them.

carolyn amey dresser

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