Some refer to this chair as Napoleonic while others suggest French Country, but regardless of it’s style, it’s a great chair.   It had some scratches, dings and the like on the body while the seat needed recovering.


I cleaned the chair and took care of most of the scratches. Now for the fun part, choosing fabric. I wanted something bold for the seat cover and in the blue and white family and amazingly discovered this fabric in the outdoor fabric aisle. Score!

seat back

After attaching the fabric to the seat pad, I placed it on top of the chair only to discover that the pattern was just slightly off center; I must have pulled one side more than the other. So, round 2, take off the fabric and once again reattach it, this time checking constantly that the pattern is centered correctly.

chair back

I really wanted to find a spot in my home for this chair because it’s handsome. Plus it’s the perfect size to have next to an end table and to serve as additional seating when needed.

by fireplace

Since I already have a plethora of chairs, it is now for sale at the Plaid Rabbit.