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Playful Purple Metallic Home Office

I was recently asked to custom paint two pieces for a new home office.  I love the furniture my client selected, which have been in my inventory for some time.   The armoire, which will be used for storage, has eye catching details while the french provincial vanity, to be used as a desk, has wonderful lines.  She wanted both pieces painted in a metallic purple,  created by combining an eggplant color with silver metallic paint.

Painted in metallic silver and glazed, the armoire’s embellishments create a sense of glamour.  I discovered  these knobs a few years ago and they are perfect with the armoire and vanity.

The entire armoire is glazed in a mixture of black latex and gold metallic paint.

My client will add shelves to the armoire, expanding its storage capacity.

The french provincial vanity before its makeover.

The drawer pulls were converted to knobs.

My client wanted the desk top to be painted black and then distressed to show the metallic purple and the various accent colors underneath.

The original gold detail on the piece was enhanced.

I really enjoy when my client’s expand my palette horizon.  Purple metallic is a unique choice but it works wonderfully!

A Kitchen Reborn

I’ve had grand fun these past three months, helping a lovely couple revamp their kitchen, entryway, living and dining rooms.  Initially they approached me to help them with the myriad of design choices for their kitchen.  They had selected the tile, countertops plus they were adding a built in bar, but they wanted my help with other decisions and to give the room some personality.

The kitchen definitely needed a fresh look.  You can see the dated lighting fixtures from the  fluorescent light above the island to the fan with the tulip lights and the can lights not to mention the blue countertops and faded linoleum. 

I first tackled the lighting by selecting a number of pendants and chandeliers for my clients to choose for both the kitchen and the dining room.  My clients like overhead lighting so I choose a more streamlined fan with an LED light to replace the one with tulip lights.

A  good friend of my client’s with electrical experience tackled the lighting, including the new fan and pot lights above and the two pendants that hang above the island and one above the sink below.

The kitchen needed a burst of color that would compliment not only the various features in the kitchen, but that would work with the adjoining rooms.  I presented a number of different color schemes for the kitchen walls, the living and dining room walls and the entryway that would flow from one room to the next and recommended using gray and black as accent colors.

My male client is an engineer by training and clinical in his thinking.  As I was making my presentation on different color combinations, he asked me to “defend my position.”  I still smile at that memory.  Working with colors, textures, textiles were all new to my clients as they hadn’t had any color on their walls in many years, and he wanted to understand why I suggested that certain colors worked together.  Ultimately we selected a sage green for the kitchen with black accents to pull in the bar.

There was a piece of wood that connected that two cabinets on either side of the sink, which I recommended be removed.  With the large swath of wall above the sink, I proposed installing a tile feature, picture with tile so to speak.  I thought it would add a touch of whimsy.

I choose subway tiles as the backslash, and to set off the feature, bullnose trim was used as the picture frame for the diamond tiles.  An undercount stainless steel double sink and a sleek new faucet finish the kitchen sink area.

Even though the kitchen cabinets were in good shape, my clients were mulling over whether to have the same company that created and built their bar replace all of the kitchen cabinet doors, which was going to be a costly proposition.

I suggested painting the kitchen cabinets off-white, distressing them and then applying brown glaze plus adding new hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers.   Cleaning, sanding and taking off the cabinet doors and drawers can take just as much time as applying a coat or two of primer.

After sanding and cleaning the cabinets, I used my sprayer to prime the cabinet doors in some cases with two coats of prime.

I am touching up the cabinet doors before distressing them.

You can see on my work table, my handy mouse sander and a water spray bottle, rags and a small bottle of glaze and finished cabinet doors lining up below.

I really love how the newly painted cabinets look in the kitchen.  They immediately brighten the room with their streamlined and more modern look for a fraction of the cost to replace them.

My next post will include a storage solution for the kitchen, a kitchen table and chairs make over plus new curtains.

Tantalizing Teal Buffet/Armoire

Fabulous friends and I go to an estate sale nearly every Friday morning.  A few of us go pick up “numbers,” which are handed out about an hour before the sale.  When the estate sale officially opens, you enter the house when your “number” is called and it’s best to be one of the first groups in to have a chance to discover a “find” or two.  It’s not that often that I buy furniture, since it is generally out of my price range, but I’ve gotten lucky a time or two.


I discovered this piece sitting in an attached garage at a sale a few months ago.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a “before” photo, but it looked like it had been in a garage for a number of years.

teal angle

I was immediately attracted to the wonderful details on this piece and knew that I wanted to glaze it immediately.  It was only when I started working on it that I decided to paint the trim pieces in off-white.

drawer closeup

I collect knobs and drawer pulls because they can add so much character to furniture; I call hardware jewelry for furniture.  I had these knobs in my collection and it wasn’t until I had finished the buffet that I realized they were a perfect match.

side angle

I love the size of this fun piece because it can be used in nearly any room of the house.   It measures 35″w x 13.5″d x 66″h.  It could hold linens in a bathroom, clothes in a bedroom, china in the dining room, books in a living room or cookbooks in a kitchen.  It’s for sale at the Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.


Metallic Silver Dresser/Buffet

I pulled up to a building and instantly felt anxious.  There was no light to illuminate the entrance and it was located in the corner of a dark parking lot, hidden from view of the nearby busy street.  It didn’t feel safe and I questioned whether to proceed in picking up a dresser I found on Craigslist.   As I was debating whether to drive away, a small woman opened the door and motioned me to follow her inside.  Despite my misgivings, I followed her into a dimly lit warehouse.

front dresser

Located on the far side of the warehouse, the dresser/buffet was in good shape and I agreed to purchase it.  We quickly discovered that the piece was too heavy and the entryway too far away for two women to carry it.  Thankfully the woman’s male business partner arrived, quickly loaded the dresser onto an appliance dolly and wheeled it out to my SUV.  This is a solid piece and I’m not sure how I was able to lift my half of it up into my vehicle.

detail before

Quite frankly I should have left the moment I felt uneasy.  Although the transaction went smoothly, I could’ve put myself in a dangerous situation.  At the very least I should have had someone else with me.

front view

I didn’t have a vision for this piece so it sat in my garage for about a year while I worked on other projects.

closer front view

Finally I was moved to paint it in Ralph Lauren’s “Silver Plate” metallic paint and then glazed it with Martha Stewart’s coffee  colored glaze.  I intended to use the original hardware but one of the drawer pulls was broken and finding an identical one wasn’t possible.  I decided on glass knobs but the drawer pulls needed to be 5 inches from hole to hole, which made it difficult to find new ones.  When I found these silver drawer pulls, I liked the contrast of their modern look with the traditional feel of the dresser.

This piece is for sale at The Plaid Rabbit.

On A Whim ~ Dresser Redo

Safe.  That’s what I thought when I looked at the cream and taupe colors I used on this four-drawer dresser.  And as often happens to me, on a whim, I grabbed my Behr caribe paint sample, covered the drawers and then glazed the entire dresser in metallic coffee.

So here are the side by side photos.  Let me know which one you like better ~ perhaps you don’t like the redo ~ or you think it’s better than before.  Either way, I’d love to know what you think.


 Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts ~ thanks for commenting.

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