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A Kitchen Reborn Continued

With the addition of their new bar, my client’s kitchen table and chairs were too large for their new space.  As I regularly attend estate sales, visit thrift stores and yard sales, I’m always on the look out for some wonderful piece of furniture.  It was at an estate sale that I found the perfect table and chair set for their kitchen.  The photo below was taken at the estate sale.

Many of you know that I love the french provincial style, since it can have so many different looks.  My clients trust my judgement (definitely an honor) so I purchased the set.  The table needed to be round rather than oval to fit in the kitchen, but this round top wasn’t large enough to accommodate 5 people.

We purchased a larger wood table top, which my client affixed it to the original table base.  The base was painted black and distressed to match the bar.  Three coats of a dark walnut stain with polyurethane were applied;  I love the look of the table.

The chairs were finished before I tackled the table.  All were cleaned, sanded and primed and you can see at the difference between the chair’s original color compared to the primed chairs.

Here’s a look at the kitchen chair before and after.

The chairs were painted the same color as the cabinets.  I didn’t distress them like the cabinets nor use the same brown glaze. The metallic coffee glaze was a better match for the seat cushion fabric.

The table is the perfect size for this space.

Their large kitchen window had a honeycomb blind, which was a stark look for the room.  I added a pair of curtains, customized by sewing a band of the kitchen chair fabric and some decorative trim to them.

Here’s is a better view of the curtains.

My clients trusted me to purchase artwork for their home, which includes three pieces in the kitchen.  I fell in love with this still-life of a purple chair, loving how the black frame looks with the bar.

In addition to the still-life, decanter bottles were added displayed on a decorative round plate.  A  salad size plate with a french advertisement for champagne also adds some whimsy.

Two smaller prints were hung on the opposite side of the curtains, which also have black frames.

During one of my estate sales, I found a cubby with an upholstered cushion that would fit perfectly in the space right by their garage door.  They keep their soda cans, shoes and coats in this area and I thought the cubby would add to some order as well as a place to put on their shoes.

Here is the cubby in actual use.

During a vintage shopping hunt, I found two rugs for the family.  One is by the kitchen sink, which pulls in the sage walls as well as the blue of the living room while continuing the back up color of black.

My clients are amazing cooks (I’ve sampled a few of their delicious pasta dishes and baked confections) and this is the perfect space for them to enjoy cooking and dining.  I’m thrilled and honored to have been able to play a  role in the design of this space.


Grey & White French Provincial Dresser

If you follow my posts, then you know that I often forget to take “before” photos in my eagerness to start a new project.  While the  grey and white dresser is tall with five drawers rather than wide like the dresser below, they are the same style so  you have an idea of what the dresser looked like “before” its rebirth.

fp restore buffet before

Thanks to friends and acquaintances, I’m often asked if I want a piece of furniture that they don’t use anymore, sometimes I’m lucky enough to get it for free, although I generally pay for the furniture.   A few years ago I worked in a coffee shop and purchased this dresser from one of the co-owners.

below front shot

I love it when I have plenty of paint in my supply closet to choose from so I opted for Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey chalk paint for the body and Benjamin Moore’s Advanced Paint in White Dove for the trim pieces.  The paints are so very different and I realized that I prefer to use BM’s Advanced Paint, not only because it goes on smoothly, but I know that the piece has the toughest latex paint on the market.

drawer close up

If you are planning on distressing a piece, there is nothing better to use than Chalk Paint.  You can use traditional sandpaper or a wet cloth works well too for distressing.

side view

Because of the interesting lines on most french provincial pieces, I often opt to glaze them with Martha Stewart’s Coffee glaze, which has metallic flakes in it to subtly illuminate those places the glaze took hold.

front shot

This piece will be for sale at the Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport later this week.

Sassy Yet Sophisticated Table

I particularly love to help my friends with interior decorating suggestions and consulting on possible pieces of furniture to purchase and paint.  My client (obviously a friend) and her husband had been looking to purchase a small table as well as a secretary and we’ve been trading text messages when either of us come upon something of interest.  As soon as she sent me this picture from a local antique mall, I knew it was the “one!”

close up before

We met in college when going through sorority rush week.  Although I didn’t pledge her house, we remained acquintances and some 20 years later after moving back to my hometown, I ran into her at the local gym.  What great luck!  We’ve been in the same book club and she and her husband just moved into my neighborhood just one block over.

front view staged

We spent an hour or so looking over different hues of red that would complement the color in her rug but not overpower the other furniture pieces in her dining room.

Full Angle View

This table is the perfect size to go almost anywhere in a house.  My clients have it nestled against an angled wall in their dining room.

front view no staging

With such great detail, this piece was just begging to be glazed.  I love how it makes the inlays stand out.

corner leg detail

I would’ve snatched this piece up if I had spied it at the antique mall.  It’s a great signature piece that will look wonderful in any room of my client’s house.

Eggplant Vanity Plus Stool

I am painting a bedroom set for my client, who happens to attend my son’s high school.  The first piece finished was a large dresser that I painted in teal and glazed.  This vanity and matching stool were painted next, using Benjamin Moore’s advance paint.  As many of  you already know, I love the French Provincial style because it’s so versatile, especially if  you like glaze or distressing and this piece got both.

vanity before

The colors for the bedroom set were inspired by the fabric on the vanity stool.  The dresser was selected to be the room’s focus point so teal was chosen and the color eggplant was selected for the vanity.  I’m generally not a fan of anything in the purple, violet, plum family but I absolute love this color.

vanity front

Originally the drawers had pulls on them but my client wanted knobs so I filled in the drawer pull holes and drilled a new hole in the middle for a single knob.  Neither of these knobs were ultimately chosen.

vanity top open_edited-1

The fabric that inspired the color palette for the bedroom set is on the vanity stool.  I love that you can store jewelry or makeup or anything else for that matter in the cabinet below the fold up mirror.

vanity top open_edited-1

My sister in law served as my photo stylist for this shoot and came down with the glass bowl and pearls.  I wish she was here for all of my photo shoots.  Thanks Lori!

Tantalizing Teal Buffet/Armoire

Fabulous friends and I go to an estate sale nearly every Friday morning.  A few of us go pick up “numbers,” which are handed out about an hour before the sale.  When the estate sale officially opens, you enter the house when your “number” is called and it’s best to be one of the first groups in to have a chance to discover a “find” or two.  It’s not that often that I buy furniture, since it is generally out of my price range, but I’ve gotten lucky a time or two.


I discovered this piece sitting in an attached garage at a sale a few months ago.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a “before” photo, but it looked like it had been in a garage for a number of years.

teal angle

I was immediately attracted to the wonderful details on this piece and knew that I wanted to glaze it immediately.  It was only when I started working on it that I decided to paint the trim pieces in off-white.

drawer closeup

I collect knobs and drawer pulls because they can add so much character to furniture; I call hardware jewelry for furniture.  I had these knobs in my collection and it wasn’t until I had finished the buffet that I realized they were a perfect match.

side angle

I love the size of this fun piece because it can be used in nearly any room of the house.   It measures 35″w x 13.5″d x 66″h.  It could hold linens in a bathroom, clothes in a bedroom, china in the dining room, books in a living room or cookbooks in a kitchen.  It’s for sale at the Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.


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