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Living and Dining Room Refreshed

My client’s next project to tackle was the living and dining rooms.  The  quickest and easiest way to impact a room is by adding color to the walls.   The photo below is before the walls were painted.

I love the instant impact paint can have on a room.  It’s budget friendly and done in just a day or two.  The room looks warmer and more inviting.  A sleeker new fan was installed, a mirror was hung over the sofa and throw pillows were added to the couch.  I found a catchall basket that is under the cocktail table for the kid’s laptops and other miscellaneous items to keep the room free from clutter.

The wood furniture was hand crafted by my client’s father.

I found these lamps at an Antique show and created new lampshades to soften the look and add some visual interest on the mantle.

An arm chair and side table were added to create additional seating and to help define the living room from the dining room.   I had both pieces in my garage, waiting to be customized.

The dining room furniture was from my client’s mother.

This table was originally in the entryway but was too small for the area.  A daughter brought this handmade mirror home from France.  I am going to take a family portrait plus a photo of the girls to fill these frames when the weather becomes warmer.

The first change in the dining room was to reupholster the dining room chairs from a burgundy fabric to a multi-colored one, which pulls in the colors from both the living room and kitchen.

Pillows and placemats were made  with the seat fabric.

Another new piece of art, which hangs next to the hutch.

The client’s china and crystal items were used to create a more visually interesting display in the hutch as well as on the buffet.

My client picked out the dining room chandelier.

This is probably my favorite new piece of artwork, hangs prominently between the living room and kitchen.

The entryway was painted a light gray with a rug added to add color and depth.  This view is from the entryway into the living room.

The french provincial chair while it isn’t identical to the kitchen table set, it can be added when needed.  Otherwise it’s a great place to sit down and put on shoes.

The table was another piece I had in my garage.  It is a better size for the entryway and was painted a sage green color to match both the kitchen chair fabric and the rug.

The mirror was also in my garage.   A glass lamp and other items were added to the table for light and visual interest.

I was disappointed when this project was finished.  My clients are truly lovely people who I enjoy very much and it was great to work with them on making design changes to their living and dining rooms, entryway and kitchen.

Refreshing a Dining Room Table

We all have pieces of furniture that are in great shape but they don’t excite us anymore.  They may be outdated,  the wrong style or a plethora of other reasons.  My clients had a dining room table that was in perfect shape but they didn’t like the color of the stain.

before sanding table

I sanded the entire top of the table to expose the bare wood.  After cleaning the wood shavings, I applied a wood conditioner so that the stain would absorb evenly across the table.  At least in theory, that’s what is supposed to happen.

dark walnut

The table’s previous stain color was slightly red and my clients wanted a dark walnut stain to balance with their darker wood floors.  I applied dark walnut Danish Oil and immediately noticed that there were a few places that the stain wouldn’t absorb.  That had never happened to me before.

side shot dark walnut

My research indicated that stain not absorbing in certain areas of wood wasn’t unusual.  However, the research didn’t offer any grand breaking ideas on how to rectify the problem.  I tried adding more Danish Oil to these spots, but since it didn’t absorb the first time, it also didn’t absorb the second time.  I re-sanded these spots, followed by the Danish Oil.  That didn’t work either.  I was miffed.

dark walnut

I suggested that my clients take the table home and see if the “spotty” spots stood out.  I am delighted to report that these areas aren’t noticeable.  They have already hosted Easter dinner around the table and I’m sure it will see many more important occasions.

Bookcase Makeover and New Seat Covers

I’ve been especially bad at taking before photos lately.  A friend, who is moving to Charleston, asked me to paint her son’s bookcase.  Because the moving van was coming, I quickly completed the project and it was picked up before I got any “after” photos.  I only got one slightly “before” photo, which I took to document the location of one of the shelves.


Lucky for me, the moving van wasn’t coming until the next day, so I was able to go take a few “after” photos.  The room was full of boxes (and two dogs) with no natural light, so the photos taken with my phone aren’t high quality.

side view

You can see in the corner one of the many boxes that filled the house.    There are two other shelves for this piece that will be installed after the move.   Thanks to the gray color, books and other miscellaneous items will definitely pop in the bookcase. (The true color is closer to the top photo rather than the bottom).

straight on

Another recent project was replacing the fabric on my sister’s dining room chairs.  It didn’t occur to me to take “before” photos since I was in a hurry to finish the project so it could be a surprise when my sister and her family returned from a weekend trip.

whole room

My sister has our  father’s childhood dining room table, chairs and buffet.  The former seat covers were a heavy tapestry like fabric, which was too formal for my sister’s decor.   Having just painted the dining room a lovely yellow, my sister wanted a blue and white fabric to compliment the walls.

low view

We going to make curtains using the same seat cover fabric paired with a twill, which should add some further dimension to the room.  The table and chairs are “heavy” looking.  I’ve pitching to my sister, painting the bottom of the table while sanding and re-staining the table top.  The chairs would be great painted and glazed too.


The fabric pulls in the colors from the adjoining kitchen and family room.  It’s fun to see my sister and her husband transform this house into their home.

Dressers & a Duncan Phyfe Table

I just cleaned out the garage, organized all of my tools and told myself that I needed to paint the furniture I own before buying any new pieces.

But I just can’t seem to help myself ~ I can’t walk away from furniture that has good lines so I’ve picked up a sweet Duncan Phyfe table and acquired two new dressers and am going to paint a chest of drawers that had been in my master bedroom.

This Duncan Phyfe table has two leaves that are easy to install and make it possible to get as many as 10 people around the table.

angle full length

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Update for Chairs and Then Some

I fell in love with my good friend’s new home with its tall ceilings, great molding and lots of character.  She let me snap some photos of the dining room with the table and chairs I painted for her.

Here are the before photos:

They have just moved in so there’s no artwork on the walls, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the “after” photos:

I love the Mediterranean feel she wanted in the dining room as it’s fun, inviting and invigorating.  I love seeing the furniture in my client’s homes, knowing that they have a new lease on life. 

 Chairs and then more chairs.  Here they are lined up, waiting their turn to be sanded and cleaned before I turned my spray gun on them with primer.

Believe it or not, a friend called to tell me that 6 chairs, including these two arm chairs, and a dining room table were in an alley on trash day.  I zipped over and with the help of another friend, I was able to make two trips to retrieve these goodies.

 On one of the arm chairs, an arm was broken in a number of pieces, but my handy dandy main squeeze was able to piece and glue it back together.  And now the chairs look like new.

This table has 4 legs that were painted the same creamy color as the chairs.  The table is awaiting the primer to dry.

I love the color my client (and good friend) selected.  She just bought a new home and didn’t have a dining room table.  I had already upholstered the chair seats and thankfully the fabric works in her dining room.

The table needs another coat of paint and then 2-3 applications of polyurethane when the paint is fully dry.  I can’t wait to see the entire set in her new home ~ which I haven’t seen yet.  Woohoo!

Another Set of Dining Room Chairs

A few months ago a lovely couple who live around the corner from me, brought a handsome dining room arm chair they wanted painted black.  I sent them this photo to give them an idea of how the chair would look.  I’m including this so you can see the thrush seat that the chairs have.

There are 8 chairs total that have been painted.

The chairs have great details.  The couple are going to keep a few and then give each of their adult kids a couple of chairs as well.  Great idea!

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