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Playful Purple Metallic Home Office

I was recently asked to custom paint two pieces for a new home office.  I love the furniture my client selected, which have been in my inventory for some time.   The armoire, which will be used for storage, has eye catching details while the french provincial vanity, to be used as a desk, has wonderful lines.  She wanted both pieces painted in a metallic purple,  created by combining an eggplant color with silver metallic paint.

Painted in metallic silver and glazed, the armoire’s embellishments create a sense of glamour.  I discovered  these knobs a few years ago and they are perfect with the armoire and vanity.

The entire armoire is glazed in a mixture of black latex and gold metallic paint.

My client will add shelves to the armoire, expanding its storage capacity.

The french provincial vanity before its makeover.

The drawer pulls were converted to knobs.

My client wanted the desk top to be painted black and then distressed to show the metallic purple and the various accent colors underneath.

The original gold detail on the piece was enhanced.

I really enjoy when my client’s expand my palette horizon.  Purple metallic is a unique choice but it works wonderfully!

Elegant and Versatile Table

I drive myself batty.  Why don’t I remember to take “before” photos?  How hard can it be to remember to do so?  Argh.  Needless to say, I don’t have “before” photos for this piece.

front view

My first step was to strip, sand and stain the top.  Actually, I stripped, sanded and stained it twice because I didn’t like my original choice for stain color.  It was too orange in hue.

Side top view

After a fresh coat of paint, I used a dark wax to give more definition to the cream color.  I opted not to paint the existing bronze/gold accents on the piece but left them in their original form.  I like their imperfect quality.


I seek furniture that has versatility.  When I purchased this piece, it had been used as desk, but it could also work well as a sofa table, entry table, buffet … it would function well in nearly any room of a house.  It is for sale at The Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.

My Daughter’s Desk

My daughter loves to draw, and has been doing most of it hunched over on her bed.  She needed a desk in her room and luckily I had a bamboo desk, given to me by a kind friend, in my storage room (A.K.A. my garage).

lewis bamboo desk

I suggested that we take inspiration for color from her bedroom rug.  She decided she wanted something in the red-ish family.  I painted samples of a few different hues of red, pinks and corals and she choose “Deep Coral,” which surprised me as she isn’t a pink gal and coral leans more toward pink than red.

close up drawers

We decided not to paint the original hardware pulls as they make a nice contrast with the deep coral paint color.  My daughter didn’t want the piece distressed or glazed since she favored clean lines, so I finished with three coats of glossy oil polyurethane.

drawers insides

The fabric that I used to line the desk drawer’s is also on my daughter’s window blinds and covers a pillow on her window seat.

pillow and blink closeup

I opted to recover the desk chair’s seat and her bulletin board with fabric I had originally used for her window blinds.  They weren’t as crisp as I wanted so I started over with the green and white fabric.

with drawings

l love mixing and matching different fabrics and color hues.  The desk chair’s blue paint scheme picks up the light blue of the bedroom walls and the patches of blue in the rug.   I put a couple of crocks to use for holding markers, pens, pencils and scissors so they are easy to grab.

with drawings right side

My daughter has accumulated lots of “stuff” and rarely throws anything away.  While I was excited to go through her many possessions and choose what she wanted and what should be given away, she had no desire for this project.  I ended up holding up different items and asking if she wanted to keep or chuck it.  While she grumbled the entire time, we sorted through everything that had been on her bookshelves.  She loves the desk and I am thrilled to  have painted an adorable piece just for her.

One Desk ~ More Than One Style

Sometimes a project ends up taking much longer than it should ~ whether due to weather, change in design, a delay when a client can pick it up ~ and this kidney shaped desk experienced all three ~ a change in design, a later pick up date and extremely cold weather.

I loved the shape of this desk when I first discovered it.  The desk wasn’t in great shape but it wasn’t horrible either.


A gal I know from tennis wanted to get the desk for her granddaughter and my only parameters were the colors pink, black and white.  I thought diamond harlequins would accent the kidney shaped sides but discovered after I had painted one end that the granddaughter wasn’t fussy and perhaps this design wasn’t right for her.


I had been making good progress on the desk, but upon learning the desk needed a different design, my tennis friend told me it was Christmas present. This meant I had a month or so before the holidays, so  I turned my attention to more pressing projects.  Unfortunately the extreme cold weather arrived just when I started to repaint the desk.  Paint doesn’t like cold weather.  At all.

front outside view

I gave the granddaughter a few different color options and they decided upon a black desk with pink hardware.  I glazed the hardware so it had more depth but I still thought something was missing.  It needed a punch of something.

pink drawers

Color.  The drawers needed some color.

drawers out

I like the unexpectedness of opening a drawer to discover it decked out in hot pink .  A desk that will hopefully delight a granddaughter.

kidney view

It is always fun to see how many different looks a piece of furniture can wear.

angled desk

As always I hope my client takes photos of the desk in her granddaughter’s room as I love seeing where my pieces call home.

From Yard Sale to Family Desk

The previous owners of our house expanded the kitchen and guest bathroom. They also added an odd room that connects the bathroom to the kitchen. They installed an exterior door and a small set of concrete steps to access the backyard. The door has never been used for that purpose since there is a large set of patio doors on the opposite wall that lead directly to the patio.

When we first moved in, we had a chair and table in the room, not that anyone would ever seat there, but we weren’t sure what else to do with the room. When our kids got older and started to be on the computer, I decided to put a desk in this room so we could see what the kids were doing on the computer.

kitchen 2_edited-2

We also struggled to find a desk to fit in the space.  I found this great victorian table and repainted it as it was the perfect size for a laptop.  But not a great table for any paperwork you may need while you work on your laptop.

red victorian table

I was heading home from the grocery store when I came upon a yard sale and spied the desk below.

before photo

Initially I was  only buying the piece for the legs as I had a white counter top I thought I’d use for a desk.  But upon closer inspection, I decided that this piece would be perfect as it had storage and plenty of countertop for paperwork.

close up

I struggled with how to paint this piece.  Initially I painted it off white and stenciled a fun Moroccan pattern in red on top.  But the red paint bled in so many spots that it was necessary to try something else.  This time I painted the desk in red and applied a round stencil in the middle with white paint.  Again the paint bled, causing me much frustration, so plan was to paint the entire desk in red.


I love the pop of red color in the room plus I love the additional storage the desk provides.  Ideally I love to remove the door and add a built in desk and shelves but that’ll have to wait for another day.

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