When I spied this unique French Provincial piece at an estate sale, I was intrigued by its unusual shape and lines.  I particularly like the top curves on the cabinet doors.

fp curio

I originally painted this piece in a cream color with accents of white, but it wasn’t speaking to me, so I decided to repaint it in Martha Stewart’s silver metallic.  I love the reflective quality of the paint.

full shot

The silver metallic paint alone didn’t have enough depth and dimension so I glazed the entire piece to add definition to the curves and lines of the piece.

base and pull

I love how glaze settles into the lines and cracks of wood, making the details pop.


The glass in the back of the cabinet and the glass shelves reflect light.

bottom top

It will be a showpiece in any room of the house while not taking up a lot of room.

middle section

This piece is for sale at The Plaid Rabbit.