Today has been a doozy.  First the tires on our cars were slashed.  Unfortunately we were one of many in our otherwise quiet neighborhood.

slashed tires

After the cars were towed to the mechanics, an electrician came to install the new 240 volt outlet, only he said that he couldn’t do it unless we completely overhauled our electric panels because we were maxed out.   It doesn’t make sense to completely redo our electrical panels because we haven’t had any problems since we moved in 17 years ago.   So …. I’ll have to figure some other way to heat the garage.

I continue to work on small projects during the recent cold temps.  I found this cabinet just down the road from my house, where the homeowners had just moved and left it behind.

green stencil cabinet styled

I couldn’t let the garage truck take it to the landfill. so I painted it in Annie Sloan’s Antibes green and then applied dark wax.

green cabinet with stencil

It was a bit of a plain jane so I added the stencils on each shelf and the sides of the cabinet.  I followed up by applying dark wax.

green stencil cabinet

While it would be handy in a bathroom, it could be used in a nearly any room where a little extra storage is needed.

number stool full

A friend had brought some pieces of furniture to be refurbished and this stool was amongst the pieces.  Liking her furniture black and distressed, I called her to say that the stool was finished.  To my surprise, she said the stool was mine to do as I wanted.

stool top and leg

It’s a small stool, perfect for a child, so I decided to add the numbers and the stripes but kept the piece distressed.

number stool top

Both of these pieces are for sale at The Plaid Rabbit.