A good friend and I walk when our schedules mesh.  About two weeks ago it was an overcast day when came upon a piece of furniture that looked like it was made from hardwood and in relatively good shape.  A few  hours after our walk, when I was all dressed up and headed to a Tea Party to celebrate a wonderful young lady’s birthday, I drove by to see if it was still by the road.  Eureka, it was still there.  Now, how to load it into my SUV without trashing out my outfit?  That was tricky.


The Tea Party was an evening spent with charming young people and  delectable delights.

tea party dessert

tea party

Back to the roadside find ….. There weren’t any drawers with the piece when I picked it up but it definitely once was a dresser.  Cardboard lined each shelf, which wouldn’t have been able to hold any weight, plus they were too short.   I went to our fabulous Tru Value store (K & K Hardware) and had wood cut for both shelves and for backing.

after first 2 coats

The back and top are both off to make it easier to add the shelving.  Originally I was going to paint the back(s) and shelves in mint but then I decided it would be fun to cover them with fabric.

empty close up

The gray really pops with the red plus I love the polka dots with the stripes.   Playful and fun.

shelf close up

This piece could be used in so many places in the home, adding great storage to any space.

style angle

It’s for sale at The Plaid Rabbit.