Here is the final completed bedroom set piece for the lovely young high school student.  An oak bookcase to hold all of her textbooks, books and other miscellenaous items.  We decided to paint the exterior of the bookcase lime green like the bedside table and the bookcase’s back in eggplant like the vanity.

bookcase up view

The bookcase is substantial and there is a lot of space for storing any number of different items.

side bookcase

All of the other bedroom furniture has been glazed but this one will be just straight paint this time.

close up bookcase bottom

Her room looks so lively and fun and the bookcase will make another great addition.

room with furniture

The variety of colors works in the room, thanks to the white walls, which allows the furniture to stand out on its own.

dresser in room

I’m looking forward to seeing how the bookcase looks in the room soon.