I fell in love with this piece when I spied it on Craigslist.  The woman said it had been in her family for 50 years.  On the top it appears there once were two handkerchief boxes, but the woman said there hasn’t been handkerchief boxes as long as her family owned the dresser.

I thought the piece needed a vibrant color, so turquoise was my choice, followed by black glaze to bring out the lovely details. 

The moving dolly you see underneath the dresser has been the only way I am able to move furniture around my garage, basement and driveway by myself, but many times I need help getting the furniture atop of the dolly.  To solve that problem, I’ve just added a hand truck to my collection of moving equipment and now I can move just about anything by myself.  (My better half appreciates not having to be on call all the time to move furniture).

 It took me awhile to find drawer pulls that were close to the original hardware.  Gotta love the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for all of the many treasurers large and small you find there!


This dresser would not only be great in a bedroom but would add eye candy to a dining room, foyer or family room.