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Regal Black Bookcase with Table

Nearly every Friday when there is an estate sale, I go out to breakfast with my gal pals and then we go to the sale.  Normally I purchase very exciting items like a broom, aluminum foil, envelopes, knives etc and every once in awhile furniture.  A week ago I purchased this tall bookcase, sitting on a table, along with a vanity with a pop-up mirror and 4 Pottery Barn Napolean rush seat chairs.

Bookcase with Sofa Table

Initially I thought that I would only need to clean this piece and replace the hardware before selling it at the Plaid Rabbit.  Once I got the piece home, I realized that it needed to be cleaned and repainted before I could consider selling it.

side view

After paining this piece in a glossy black oil paint, I held onto it for a few days, while I tried to figure out where I could put this piece in my own home, but to no avail.  I would love to have it but there isn’t a good spot for it unforunately.

below shot

I love the knobs I found for this piece, lending a funky but regal appearance.


This piece is for sale at The Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.

Unique Gate Legged Desk

I received this adorable desk as payment for a painting project.  My client’s young daughter, who had this desk in her room growing up,  is now in college and no longer needs it.  Just a few weeks later a family came looking for something to serve as a desk for their daughter and snatched this beauty immediately.

before after

From the “before” photo below, you can see that one of the gate leg desk extenders had broken in two caused by heavy books being placed on it.  Thanks to my father-in-law, who passed away a few years ago, he fashioned long clamps out of pipe metal.  They worked like a charm when I wood glued the two sides together.

Howells desk before

This is the fifth desk I have painted for a young lady’s bedroom and I’m still having as much fun as I did with my first desk.  The new proud owner of this desk loves pink, and wanted pink knobs, which I happened to have 2 for the drawer in my hardware stash, but I was unable to find a smaller knob in the same pink hue for the small desk top drawer, but the glass knob works just as well on the desk top drawer.

angle with chair

I love how this desk works like a gate legged table and even looks like one with its legs.  I have never seen a desk that has wings on either side to expand the working space.

front desk with sides up

This piece could reside in an entryway or even as a table sitting underneath a newer thin television set.

sides down

When the sides are down, this desk takes up a minimal amount of space and it looks fabulous in the young lady’s room.  It is such a treat to paint furniture for young kiddos.

britta with desk

Buffet and Bar Cabinet

Having seen my furniture for sale in The Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport, my client asked me to paint her buffet/bar cabinet.   When I went to pick up her bar/buffet cabinet, she was watching the French Open and we discovered a shared passion for tennis.  straight on

Her house is full of bright colors and vivid patterns, so she wanted this piece to not be too showy and choose a blue/gray color with white detailing.  As you can see from the photos, there are two different hardware options on this cabinet.  My client decided to go with the darker, more playful hardware on the left hand side.  Frankly, that side was hands down my favorite.


I love the functionality of this piece that you can use as a bar or a buffet when entertaining.  I have painted another piece just like this one a few years ago with diamond patterns.

keli bar 5

One of my first clients had me paint her bar with a diamond pattern and I love how it turned out.

bar open

As you can see from the above photo, the top unhinges to provide a much larger space for any entertaining needs.  I would love to have one of these versatile pieces in my home.


I love to see the before and after photos ~ the furniture almost always looks like an entirely new piece of furniture.  Hopefully this bar/buffet will be well loved for many more years to come.

Last Bedroom Set Piece ~ Tall Bookcase

Here is the final completed bedroom set piece for the lovely young high school student.  An oak bookcase to hold all of her textbooks, books and other miscellenaous items.  We decided to paint the exterior of the bookcase lime green like the bedside table and the bookcase’s back in eggplant like the vanity.

bookcase up view

The bookcase is substantial and there is a lot of space for storing any number of different items.

side bookcase

All of the other bedroom furniture has been glazed but this one will be just straight paint this time.

close up bookcase bottom

Her room looks so lively and fun and the bookcase will make another great addition.

room with furniture

The variety of colors works in the room, thanks to the white walls, which allows the furniture to stand out on its own.

dresser in room

I’m looking forward to seeing how the bookcase looks in the room soon.

Grey & White French Provincial Dresser

If you follow my posts, then you know that I often forget to take “before” photos in my eagerness to start a new project.  While the  grey and white dresser is tall with five drawers rather than wide like the dresser below, they are the same style so  you have an idea of what the dresser looked like “before” its rebirth.

fp restore buffet before

Thanks to friends and acquaintances, I’m often asked if I want a piece of furniture that they don’t use anymore, sometimes I’m lucky enough to get it for free, although I generally pay for the furniture.   A few years ago I worked in a coffee shop and purchased this dresser from one of the co-owners.

below front shot

I love it when I have plenty of paint in my supply closet to choose from so I opted for Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey chalk paint for the body and Benjamin Moore’s Advanced Paint in White Dove for the trim pieces.  The paints are so very different and I realized that I prefer to use BM’s Advanced Paint, not only because it goes on smoothly, but I know that the piece has the toughest latex paint on the market.

drawer close up

If you are planning on distressing a piece, there is nothing better to use than Chalk Paint.  You can use traditional sandpaper or a wet cloth works well too for distressing.

side view

Because of the interesting lines on most french provincial pieces, I often opt to glaze them with Martha Stewart’s Coffee glaze, which has metallic flakes in it to subtly illuminate those places the glaze took hold.

front shot

This piece will be for sale at the Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport later this week.

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