A Jack-in-the-Box

In the past two days I’ve purchased two quirky pieces of furniture.  A friend has been looking for a bar and I immediately thought of her when I saw this Thomasville cabinet.  Although it won’t work for her space, I decided I couldn’t pass it up.

Reserved for Keli

It looks like a piece you might have in your dining room for storage but there’s a surprise waiting inside.

The top folds out for use as a bar or a great buffet table too.  On either side are wooden posts that pull out to support the extensions.  It’s 40″W x 18″D x 32″ H and when the bar is open it is 80″W x 18″D x 32″H.

A Massive Surprise

The alarm bells should’ve rung when the seller told me I would need two strong men to move this dresser from the second floor of his home (an old farm house with a very narrow staircase).  My husband ~ a saint of a man ~ came along with me and had the arduous task of getting it down the stairs.

Of course it was way too big to fit in our furniture hauling SUV.  Thank goodness for a wonderful truck owning friend who bailed me out by transporting this massive dresser back to our house.

I spied it on Craigslist, and although the photograph was hazy and small, I could see the wavy top drawers and the spindles on the sides.  It’s 52″W x 20″D x 61″H.

And as a bonus, there are shelves on either side of the drawers.  The glass is missing and I am wondering how chicken wire would look as a replacement.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

This would be fabulous in a kitchen or dining room not to mention in a bedroom with all the great storage space.  It could be yours!

Library Table

One of my favorite thrift stores had this library table, dwarfed amongst file cabinets, dressers and desks.  It has charming hardware, (which I took it off prior to the “before” photos) and sass appeal.

It measures 20.5″W x 29.5″D x 32″H.

This Thomasville table has storage behind the cabinet doors.  I painted a similar table for a client a few months ago.  She choose a great barn red color.

Residing in my customer‘s living room, this table adds a bit of whimzy to the space.