I was tickled to be asked to paint a third piece for one of the loveliest and talented women I know.
I’ve mentioned her before as she was my mother’s good and generous friend.  Although younger, she shared my mother’s enthusiasm for politics and the willingness to get in the trenches.

The deadline for the dresser was in three weeks because she had guests coming to stay and I skated in a day early ~ a little too close for comfort to the deadline.

She asked me to use the picture below with the hand painted frame for inspiration.  Other than wanting to keep the fun triangle shaped knobs, she gave me free reign.

I had a devil of a time deciding what to do.  I tried copying the three boxes on the edges of the drawers and ruled it out as looking too country.

Next I painted stripes outlining the drawers to mimic the lines around the drawing.  I wasn’t crazy about that either.  The triangle hardware knobs didn’t look quite right with either design, so I finally decided to use the diamond shape to play off the triangles.

Using the diamonds, I copied the basic premise of the frame’s handpainted pattern.  Finally I’m happy with this design and I hope she is too!