Some lovely neighbors put a table they no longer wanted on the curb.  It was white, dirty and had wobbly legs. After cleaning it up, I used wood glue and some clamps to stabilize the table. I started painting the table in “Safety Red,” before I realized that I hadn’t take a “before” photo.  I get too excited to start a project and completely forget to take photos.

roadside table

With the help of painter’s tape, I made patterns on the table top.  The first colors I painted were metallic silver, white and black. Those colors just didn’t jump off the table enough for me, so I kept the white, added off white (“ocra”) and turquoise for some punch.

side angle by bushes

Initially I thought I should add some more lines to the piece, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want the top to appear too busy.

side view

It was great fun painting this piece, and trying something new.  I love that the table could be used as either a bedside table or an end table.  It certainly would add some color and whimsy to any space.

top of table

It’s for sale at The Plaid Rabbit in the Village of East Davenport.