Argh!  I drive myself crazy when I forget to take a “before” photo.  You’ll have to use your imagination … conjure a white bedside table with a thick manufactured coating of white paint and varnish on top.

My client just had her first baby (an adorable girl) and this is the 6th piece of furniture and 3rd bedside table I’ve done for her.  She has a huge heart, helping rescue dogs and cats and place them in new homes.

I stripped the table because she wanted an espresso stain on it.  (Frankly, I was surprised that I was able to strip it completely).

But as you can see from the photos, the table is made with a variety of woods, all of which absorbed the stain in differing amounts.

Plan B …. paint the table in a light grayish color so it would fit in the baby’s pink bedroom.  I love the knob I found for the table as it adds a sweetness to the piece.


front shot

I hope my client will take a photo of the bedside table in the baby’s room ~ I love seeing the furniture “at home.”