I’m Cynthia.  Welcome to Cynfully Fun Furniture.  My mother would have been humored by my vocation.  “Good bones,” that’s how she would describe some piece of furniture she’d bring me that I neither wanted nor appreciated.  She dragged me to antique shows and flea markets when I had no interest.   It took awhile but the vintage furniture and flea market bug hit me fully after my mother died ten years ago.  It would have been grand fun to go scouting for treasures with her as she had a keen eye and a great sense of style.

In addition to vintage furniture, I’m a big fan of ice cream and popcorn; I like my coffee to be dark roast and my ice tea to have a splash of lemonade.  Tennis is our family sport, which I love, but my husband is the one with game.

I hope  you’ll  join me for my journey in painting furniture and finding treasures and if you’re interested in working on a project together or learning more about my work, contact me here.